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"A good theatre is a warm, lively venue for the audience to have a night out, a welcoming, inspiring performance space for artists and musicians and an efficient, safe workplace for technicians and others working in the theatre."


  • Official opening National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)

    National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), Kaohsiung, Taiwan will officially open its doors on Saturday, 13th of October.

    For last 12 years Theateradvies® bv has worked with much pleasure on this project.

  • Musis Sacrum Arnhem reopened by Queen Maxima

    Queen Maxima officially (re) opened the completely renovated Musis Sacrum in Arnhem.

    With its adjustable acoustics, the new auditorium is suitable for all kinds of music, ranging from classical to pop and even dance music. The conversion of the hall can also be done quickly and efficiently. With the help of large floor lifts, the hall can be transformed into a flat exhibition floor or pop venue with a high stage or a classical concert hall with gently rising tiers for good sightlines.

  • Theateradvies advises temporary location for the House of Representatives

    The Binnenhof in The Hague will be completely renovated. Since the addition for the House of Representatives in 1992, only a few special places have undergone a major renovation, such as the Senate in 1994. However, the rest of the complex now camps with major technical and structural defects and is an urgent need of a thorough renovation.


    At the request of the Central Government Real Estate Agency, Theateradvies will work as the logistical advisor on the renovation of this temporary location for the House of Representatives. Theateradvies has been selected because of its knowledge of logistics in public buildings, such as theaters and museums.

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Theateradvies has a close-knit team of broadly oriented professionals with experience in all aspects of theatres, museums and concert halls ranging from stage machinery to exploitation and from financial management to architecture. Theateradvies’ approach is always multi-disciplinary and with an eye for the daily routine within the theatre, thus specialization remains linked to practical concerns.

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