Theateradvies designs a new power flying system and movable grid floor in Zoetermeer

May 31th, 2017

The flying system in the Stadstheater in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands, will be replaced since the equipment no longer complies with current laws and regulations. The renovation includes a new technical grid floor, which makes maintenance easy and safe.  Previously, besides being unsafe, the lack of a grid floor made it difficult to create an additional point load.

The Stadstheater selected Theateradvies to work on the brief, design and tendering as well as supervise over the installation of the new system. The deciding factors for the choice of Theateradvies as the theater consultant was that their approach gave special attention to the concerns of the theater, their capacity to work out designs in 3d models and their LEAN planning.

Theateradvies is the world's most experienced consultant in the field of power flying systems. Over the period 2001 - 2017, the company has designed stage equipment for more than 120 theaters and other performance venues.

Since a new grid on top of the old stage tower was not financially viable, Theateradvies designed a special movable grid floor that solves the problems related to safety, maintenance and that gives the flexibility to create additional heavy point loads without compromising the total lifting height. Furthermore, a removable proscenium bridge was designed to offer more flexibility to the variety of productions playing in this venue.

The renovation will be carried out this summer by a combination of companies; LevTec, ASM Steurungtechnik and Waagner Biro Luxembourg Stage System S.A.