Theateradvies, theatre consultant for the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam

June 19th, 2017

Theateradvies is the theatre consultant for the renovation of the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is working with Winhov architects on the design of the renovation.

The monumental Trippenhuis and neighboring properties are owned by Central Government Real Estate Agency and house the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences. The Trippenhuis is being renovated to meet future requirements and to expand the range of user possibilities for the reception spaces and the Tinbergenzaal.

The Tinbergenzaal will change its function from a simple meeting and presentation room to a multifunctional room where various activities such as lectures, meetings, cabaret and film shows as well as parties and special dinners can take place. The room is completely multifunctional and flexible, with retractable seating and LED lighting.

Theateradvies will also advise the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences on public logistics, goods and catering logistics. Furthermore, they will design the theater equipment for the Tinbergenzaal and the AV equipment in the reception rooms.