Theateradvies was selected as theater consultant for the MECC in Maastricht

June 20th, 2017

A team led by cepezed architects won the competition for the Mecc exhibition center (Maastricht Exhibition & Convention Center). Theateradvies is member of this team and will act as the theater consultant.

The Mecc is one of the most important exhibition and convention centers in the Netherlands. About two hundred (international) fairs, congresses and events are held there annually. In order to maintain its good reputation and competitive position, MECC is undergoing a major refurbishment in the coming years. Important factors in this modernization and expansion of the complex are (multi) functionality, efficiency, good logistics and sustainability.

The design team consists of cepezed for architecture and interior design, IMd Engineers for structural design, Nelissen Engineers for mechanical and electrical installations, DGMR for building physics and sustainability.

Theateradvies will work on the design of the conference rooms, the logistics and the stage equipment.

The work will begin around mid 2017 and the renovation should be completed by 2020.