Sustainable development

At Theateradvies, we consider it our social responsibility to ensure that our business activities contribute to sustainable development so that future generations can enjoy safe, healthy lives too. That is why sustainability is part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. We base our principles on the guidelines set out in ISO 26000.

We fulfil our obligations in various ways.

1. As a consultancy, we contribute to sustainable construction by opting for sustainable solutions, materials, re-use of materials, and clean and renewable energy sources as part of our designs.

2. We share our expertise in sustainable construction at symposia, workshops and conferences.

3. We operate our own business in an environmentally friendly way by working digitally as much as possible, separating our waste, using low-energy office facilities, and using organic and fairtrade products.

4. We encourage "personal sustainabilityā€¯ in our staff by offering flexible working hours and opportunities for training and development.