Quality management

We keep our promises. For us, quality is defined as the extent to which we meet our clients’ expectations. If a client is satisfied, we have done our job well. If they are not, we need to improve. That would be something to learn from, and we do.

These are not just empty promises; we have evidence to back it up. Theateradvies is certified by ISO 9001. Annual audits by the TÜV (technical inspection service) confirm our ongoing focus on quality.

Our idea of quality goes beyond simply keeping our promises to include the nature of our work. Our designs are recognised and emulated internationally. Theateradvies’s design of a cable-free grid deck has been introduced by industry colleagues in Germany, Britain and Belgium.

Our design of a digital network won the “Best Auditorium Award” and our European tender process has been recognised by experienced local government buyers for its innovative approach and high quality standards.