Our vision of a perfectly functioning cultural public building

In well-functioning theaters or concert halls, everything appears obvious. Since everything runs smoothly. Since all conditions are met for a successful presentation or performance. Everything falls into place. From assembly to dismantling, from arrival to applause, from dressing room to curtain.
That is why, for each issue, we first zoom out to see the bigger picture. Logistics are leading in this and aesthetics are self-evident. We look at each issue from every perspective. We listen, ask questions and look further. This is how we arrive at integrated solutions that enable our clients to move forward for years to come.
If we have done our job correctly, we shall go unnoticed. Since in our vision a well-functioning theatre is about everything you don't see, don't hear and don't notice.
Our vision of a perfectly functioning cultural public building
No barriers. No waiting. No pushing, going in circles or slow-moving queues.
But rather: experiencing a beautiful performance or performance.
No pushing at the loading dock. No workarounds. No lugging over ramps, stairs and carpets. No obstacle course on the technical bridges.
But rather: hassle-free assembly and dismantling.
No searching. No noise. No cold coffee in the dressing rooms. No lack of space. No long distances.
But rather: complete focus and in contact with the public.
Together with our clients, we make theaters and concert halls that function perfectly, so that everyone is always at their best.