Realistic ambitions

When a client is planning to build or refurbish a theatre, he will want to assess the feasibility of their plan before he starts. Theateradvies carries out feasibility studies and creates strong concepts. A strong concept shows the way forward, stating clearly the client’s vision and requirements to prevent any misunderstandings.

Strong concepts are built on an understanding of the programming: what kind of performances or exhibitions are to take place, and what are the expected visitor numbers? With that in mind, it is important to then look at the spaces and facilities needed to deliver the required programmes. Various functions within the concept can be brought together to act in mutually reinforcing ways.

A good concept will be focused on the future. After all, the building in question will not be ready for a few years, so its facilities will need to be fit for purpose at that time.

Of course we check if the budget is adequate and the timetable is feasible.