In the design phase, Theateradvies’s role is to help the whole design team turn the building into a good theatre.

Our practical experience means we are uniquely qualified to offer support in designing a building with good sightlines and excellent front-of-house facilities, as well as being carefully designed as a theatre building with flawless logistics and technical specifications.

The design needs to be functional, user-friendly, welcoming and sustainable. And, of course, it needs to come in on budget.

We can ensure the designs are perfectly fine-tuned. For instance, we work closely with the structural engineer to ensure that the building frame is suitable for the immediate installation of a rigging system. We work with the installations consultant to look for systems that offer both comfort and low operating costs. And we work with the architect to make sure the auditorium is attractive with good sightlines and excellent accessibility.

In designing technical theatre installations, our fundamental goals are to deliver a solution that's appropriate, effective and within budget. And if that budget isn't achievable, we at least ensure that the right infrastructure is in place. Technical equipment may be more immediately gratifying than having enough power feeds in the right places, but we would still focus on the latter. The purchase of equipment can be delayed, and its price won’t have changed. But retrofitting an extra cable after construction is an expensive job.