Design brief

The design brief sets out the expectations of the client or end user. It acts as a guide for the architect and designers to help them come up with a good design and also serves as a touchstone for the client in assessing that design. Theateradvies is experienced in working with clients to create a design brief. We make sure everyone is on the same page at the start of a project, to avoid disappointment further down the line.

The functional design brief sets out all the activities that will take place in the building and thereby acts as a foundation for the spatial and technical design brief. Once the programming plans are clear, we can determine the required spaces and their technical fittings.

The spatial design brief is an overview of all the spaces in the building. A theatre is always a logistical hub, and the proper functioning of the building depends on how well audiences, technology, staff and catering are organised. A logistical plan indicates the anticipated flow of traffic and how bottlenecks can be avoided. The spatial design brief includes a list of spaces, floor plan and flowchart.

Once the spaces are defined and it is clear what their purposes or dual purposes are, technical requirements can be set out. The technical design brief details the architectural and technical/installation requirements for the theatre.