Good preparation is a prerequisite of a good execution, but does not guarantee it. Good execution also depends on good guidance.

Theateradvies can provide that guidance. We set clear agreements and monitor progress on them. We manage any extras and contingencies to ensure that all our projects are completed within budget. We promptly flag up any problems and work actively to prevent any slips in quality, timescales and finances. And we do so very successfully!

We check all the details that will matter when the theatre eventually opens for business and we have developed a very clear and user-friendly method of identifying and assessing any bottlenecks.

Projects do not finish when the building is handed over. It is only then that it starts to be used, and so that is when the story begins for the user.

Theateradvies can help with the handover, check for snagging work and remind suppliers of their obligations if necessary.

We will help create multi-year maintenance plans and advise on the costs associated with maintenance and depreciation.