We perform quick scans of the safety of technical theatre installations and determine what needs to be done to ensure ongoing adherence to current safety standards. In doing so we bear in mind the practical needs of the theatre and the people using the installations.

The theatre program can sometimes place high technical demands on the installations, and that is when safety guarantees are most important. Theateradvies has specialists who can offer advice on that. Our staff draw on their own practical experience and on the expertise we have of safety standards.

Theateradvies has always played an important part in the setting of national and European standards for theatre installations. We have done that by going beyond the minimum standards expected in the Netherlands and working to the standards long used in Germany.

We have been proved right in this approach. Current European standards are based on those German standards. For a long time, Theateradvies was the only consultancy that required the high-level SIL 3 standard for control systems.

Theateradvies has always taken seriously its responsibility in setting standards. Over the years, we have participated actively in various standard-setting committees, and we continue to do so.