• Multifunctional bleachers

    Theateradvies designs seating structures that can be turned into a dance floor within minutes, making auditoriums very multifunctional.

  • Cable free accessible grid

    New cable free grid theateradvies internationally recognized.

  • Daylight on stage

    "Teatro Olimpico" was surrounded with windows. In the centuries thereafter, it became a habit to shut out all daylight. Theateradvies reintroduced daylight on stage.

  • Proscenium bridge

    Theateradvies plays leading role in the discussion concerning the proscenium area.

  • Double truck lift

    In two theaters at different levels can be two trucks simultaneously loading and unloading. A world première!

  • Variable acoustics

    Dutch theatres need to be adapted to a broad spectrum of performance types. The acoustics of the auditorium must be variable to give all these performing art forms optimal conditions.

  • European tendering

    Clients often view European Tendering as complicated. Theateradvies has developed an innovative model that is positive for both the client’s and the contractor’s benefit.

  • Virtual networks

    Theateradvies bv won the “Best Auditorium Award” 2006 for Schouwburg Almere in part for the advanced Ethernet network, with almost 800 connections.