Musis Sacrum Arnhem reopened by Queen Maxima

12 januari 2018

Queen Maxima officially (re) opened the completely renovated Musis Sacrum in Arnhem.

Musis Sacrum was renovated and expanded with a new hall. Architectural firm Van Dongen Koschuch placed the building in the middle of the park, connected to the old venue. The glass back wall of the hall not only offers a view of the beautiful trees, but it may also be opened, so that the orchestra only has to turn around for an outdoor concert.

With its adjustable acoustics, the new auditorium is suitable for all kinds of music, ranging from classical to pop and even dance music. The conversion of the hall can also be done quickly and efficiently. With the help of large floor lifts, the hall can be transformed into a flat exhibition floor or pop venue with a high stage or a classical concert hall with gently rising tiers for good sightlines.

 Theateradvies designed the stage equipment, such as fly bars, auditoria lifts, theatre lighting, amplified sound and a digital network with which all the equipment can be operated. The agency consulted on the functioning of the building and on good logistics. Furthermore, theateradvies was responsible for the design, supervision and delivery.