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In well-functioning theaters or concert halls everyone is at their best. The audience has a nice evening, artists and musicians perform optimally, technicians and other employees are pleasantly and efficiently at work.

On what does this hinge? Atmosphere and comfort, according to the visitor. Comfort and contact, according to the artist. Contact and acoustics, according to the musicians. Acoustics and technique, according to the technician, while the crew thinks: technology and accessibility. Accessibility and atmosphere say the hospitality officer.

We ensure that a building meets all those wishes. The experts at Theateradvies have been helping theaters, concert halls and other public buildings to function better for more than 20 years.

Our secret: we illuminate your question from every perspective. With logistics as the connecting factor. This enables us to come up with integrated solutions that will make your building applaud for years to come.


  • New Building for Theater de Molenberg in Delfzijl

    Theateradvies bv has, under the leadership of architectural firm De Zwarte Hond, been selected for the design team of the new culture cluster on Plein de Molenberg in Delfzijl. The design team that further includes: Zonneveld Ingenieurs, DGMR, abbotWassenaar and Vos Ontwerpstudio, was able to convince the municipality with their design vision and approach. 'We have a lot of confidence in this team and are looking forward to working together,' says project manager René Siebring.

  • A festive start for the beautiful theatre

    The New Theater Zuidplein in Rotterdam was opened by queen Maxima on September 16. A festive start for the beautiful theatre. 

    Theater Zuidplein is a special theater. Many venues in the country do their best to attract a wide audience from all walks of life and from all corners of the world. Theater Zuidplein succeeds like no other. That was the case in the old theater, but that building was really worn out it had become too small. More activities which attract more people, created the need for a larger building. The redevelopment of the Zuidplein area offered an ideal opportunity to achieve this.

  • Last Touches on the new Theater Zuidplein

    The construction of the New Theater Zuidplein has now been completed and while the relocation from the old venue is in full swing, the final work on the stage equipment is still being carried out. The sliding wall between the Large Auditorium and the stage is getting its final touches. This wall serves to transform the stage into a separate space for a standing audience. 
    In the Small Auditorium, the last adjustments are being made to the line-shaft winches above the stage. Starting next month the theatre will be able to use all the new equipment in this magnificent new building. 


Local authorities, theater management, architects and project developers:

Local authorities and theater management call on Theateradvies for buildings that fit their cultural or programming policy. We work in a multidisciplinary way and deliver quality, in accordance with planning and budget.

Architects and project developers call on Theateradvies for their support in producing an award-winning design. We explore along with them and find integrated solutions in which all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

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