Last Touches on the new Theater Zuidplein

27 May, 2020

The construction of the New Theater Zuidplein has now been completed and while the relocation from the old venue is in full swing, the final work on the stage equipment is still being carried out. The sliding wall between the Large Auditorium and the stage is getting its final touches. This wall serves to transform the stage into a separate space for a standing audience. 
In the Small Auditorium, the last adjustments are being made to the line-shaft winches above the stage. Starting next month the theatre will be able to use all the new equipment in this magnificent new building. 
Theater Zuidplein has a Large Auditorium with 600 seats, and a stage that can be transformed into a space for pop concerts for an audience of 1000 people. The small auditorium can also be used for concerts, for a standing audience of 500. In addition, there is a third stage with 150 seats and a sliding glass facade to join this space to the foyer.