de Lawei

Cultural complex enlarged with two auditoria and art centre

The latest renovation of Schouwburg de Lawei, the municipal theater of the city of Drachten, included a radical improvement of logistics. The cultural complex was a two-faced building with theatre the Lawei on one side and art centre the Meldij on the other. When the two organizations merged, architect TenBrasWesting designed a large internal street that links the two parts of the building. The get-in has been rearranged and loading is now completely built-in.

The renovation also included a new black box theatre with 225 seats, a multi-media auditorium with 110 seats and two high class meeting rooms.

The building has been renovated outside and inside. Seating in the large auditorium has been replaced and all public spaces have had a facelift. The large multifunctional foyer has been equipped for commercial events.

The black box theatre is a pleasant space with a wide balcony surrounding the auditorium. The space is suited for theatre, dance, pop concerts and other events. One wall of this auditorium is a glass façade, providing daylight.

The multi-media auditorium is being used for film, presentations, lectures and conferences. The stage is equipped with a built-in professional film screen and sound system.


  • Client Schouwburg De Lawei
  • Architect TenBrasWestinga
  • Project

    Cultural complex enlarged with two auditoria and art centre

  • Date of completion 2015

Schouwburg de Lawei, Drachten

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Logistics, auditorium design, seating, audience facilities, M&E installations.

Fly system and lifts, lighting bridges, AV installations, stage lighting installations and furnishing.

Detailed plans and tendering for technical theatre rigging and lifting systems, seating, telescopic seating, AV installations, stage lighting installations and furnishing.

Supervision of the construction of all theatre equipment, planning and budget control.