Renovation of the rigging system

The stage machinery at the Zaantheater was in need of replacement. The theatre had a system which, ten years after its opening in 1998, no longer complied with current standards and regulations. The local authority decided that a full renovation was needed, which also provided an opportunity to resolve other problems in the stage tower. Theateradvies designed a new system for both the large and small auditorium. The new design of the grid, a new stage layout and the removal of all counterweights meant that no less than 110 tonnes of steel could be removed. The new layout also meant that the fly bars could be extended, facilitating effective masking.

The new winches are now housed in enclosed engine rooms. That is not only beneficial for reducing noise; it also protects the electronics from dust and smoke (from smoke machines).
The new layout means there is much more space on stage. The grid has been made cable-free and can now be used simply and safely for the installation of chain hoists and point hoists. A new, smart and safe rigging unit moves all the equipment mechanically to the grid surface. Eighty new winches complete the rigging area. The large auditorium is now ready to host a very wide range of productions.

Eleven new fly bars have been installed in the small auditorium to ensure that the flying equipment in this auditorium also complies with current requirements as regards safety and functionality.
The entire system has been safety checked by a German 'Sachverständiger', a certified safety expert with specific knowledge of European and German theatre standards.


  • Client Municipality of Zaanstad
  • Project

    Renovation of rigging system at the Zaantheater (82 axes)

  • Date of completion December 2012

Het Zaantheater, Zaandam

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Theatre rigging technology, logistics, electric installations, fire safety, sprinkler.

Stage rigging system large auditorium including sound reflectors, grid deck and engine room, fly bars in small auditorium.

Detailed plan and European tender for technical theatre rigging and lifting systems.
Implementation: Project management, construction supervision, planning and budget control.