Dance Palace

24.000 m² for the Boris Eifman Ballet

A Dutch team, led by UNStudio Architects in 2009 won the international competition for a prestigious new Dance theater and dance academy in St. Petersburg. The Boris Eifman Dance Palace in St. Petersburg is a theatre for ballet performances and ballet training, under the leadership of this prolific choreographer. Much attention has been given to the work environment for the staff and students. There is, for example, daylight on stage, in the studios and work places. The large auditorium is compact and has good sightlines, with the requirement that the public must see the dancer’s feet. The small auditorium is perfectly suitable for experimental dance.


  • Client TDM
  • Architect UN Studio
  • Project

    New dance theatre with a large (1000 seats) and small (300 seats) auditorium

  • Date of completion 2014

Boris Eifman Dance Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Auditorium and stage design, logistics and sightlines

Flying system