Bijlmer Parktheater

New auditorium with 280 seats

The Bijlmer Parktheater in South East Amsterdam is a multifunctional hall, suitable for circus as well as theatre. Furthermore, this theatre has studios, rehearsal spaces and workshops. The auditorium has fixed seating for a broad spectrum of presentations. The auditorium can easily be turned into a circus theatre. The seating right and left of the stage can be stored and flown to make room for side stages. This is a unique solution that works well in practise.


  • Client Amsterdam Development Company
  • Architect Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter
  • Project

    New auditorium with 280 seats

  • Date of completion 2009

Bijlmer Parktheater, Amsterdam

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Auditorium design, logistics. 

Flying system, telescopic seating system, AV equipment, stage lighting and drapery. 

Tender for flying system, telescopic seating, AV equipment, stage lighting and drapery. 

Management, planning and budget control.