Schouwburg Cuijck

Reconstruction and improvement of city theatre

Schouwburg Cuijk, the municipal theatre of the city of Cuijk has been reconstructed and enlarged. The monumental Fraterhuis (house of the brothers) was restored and the rest of the theatre was completely renewed.  The auditorium and stage tower were enlarged to build a fully-fledged theatre.  The enlargement and improvement of the foyer spaces create a better entrance improved wayfinding.

Schouwburg Cuijk originally started as a modest cultural centre for the strong catholic community. It was developed and expanded with several new spaces over the years. The building included an auditorium, a small black box cum café, a film theatre, foyer space, theatre café, and a restaurant. The auditorium had become too small to programme the large theatre shows that travel the Netherlands and the working conditions were poor. The 1987 auditorium had 600 seats and a low stage tower with only a few fly-bars. By widening the auditorium, it was possible to increase the number of seats to 660 without losing the intimacy. The height of the small auditorium was increased to improve the possibilities to programme more shows.


  • Client City of Cuijk
  • Architect Wim Kol
  • Project

    Reconstruction of Schouwburg Cuijk

  • Date of completion 2015

Schouwburg Cuijck

Scope of work Theateradvies®


Logistics, auditorium design, seating, audience facilities, M&E installations.

Fly tower, fly system, lighting bridges, AV installations, stage lighting installations and furnishing.

Detailed plans and tendering for technical theatre rigging systems, seating, AV installations, stage lighting installations and furnishing.

Supervision of the construction of all theatre equipment, planning and budget control.