Theatre and film in a lecture-hall

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Free University) is developing a new university building This educational facility of 31,000m2 will house 4,600 students and 1,000 employees. Apart from educational facilities, the building will include congress rooms, cinemas, a theatre and catering.

The lecture-halls will be multifunctional and after classes, they can be used for theatre or film. was designed by Jeroen van Schooten of Team V Architectuur. Theateradvies® is consultant for the theatre planning of the lecture-halls and has researched the multifunctional use of several of these halls as professional art cinema.  

Furthermore Theateradvies® investigated the improvement of the theatre space, technical rooms, artist facilities and public rooms. Theateradvies® has prepared the brief for the multifunctional halls.

The new building will be commissioned in 2018.


  • Client Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Architect Team V Architectuur
  • Project

    Educational building with theatre and cinema

  • Date of completion 2018

Vrije Universiteit (VU), Amsterdam

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Logistics, multifunctional use of the halls, theatre planning.

Flying facilities, lighting bridges.