Theater de Spiegel

A perfect venue for both large symphonic concerts and theatre productions

The theatre auditorium at Theater de Spiegel was designed as an intimate space seating 850, with good, clear speech acoustics. However, raising the acoustic ceiling exposes a large area above the auditorium, which makes it suitable for opera and symphonic music.

The shape of the auditorium can also be adjusted by turning the boxes left and right. When set for theatre the boxes are turned in to emphasise the horseshoe shape of the auditorium. For symphonic concerts the boxes are straightened out to be streamlined against the orchestra pit, which is then set up on the stage.


  • Client Municipality of Zwolle
  • Architect Greiner Van Goor-Huijten Architecten
  • Project

    New-build of large auditorium (seating 850-1,050)

  • Date of completion 2006

Theater de Spiegel, Zwolle

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Logistics, auditorium design, theatre seating, audience facilities, M&E installations.

Stage and wings, stage rigging and lifting systems including grid deck and winch room, moveable ceilings, rotating boxes, lighting bridges, theatre lighting, AV installations and furnishings.

Detailed plans and European tendering for technical theatre installations, AV installations, stage lighting installations and furnishing.

On-site supervision, planning and budget control.