Felix Meritis

Renovation Culture House of Amsterdam

Felix Meritis is being restored and renovated. The monumental building at one of the canals of Amsterdam, the Keizersgracht, was built in 1788 by the cultural society Felix Meritis: happy by merit. The society was oriented towards art, culture, science and trade. When the society was dissolved a century after the opening, the building was used as a printer, the office of the communist party and finally as a theatre. A century after the society left the building, a new society called Felix Meritis took over and established the European centre for art, culture and science.

Due to poor maintenance and some architecturally awkward renovations, the building has developed a worn and poor character. The current renovation will restore the building in its original glory, both in architecture and in programme.

Felix Meritis will once again be the culture house of Amsterdam, for the citizens of Amsterdam connecting art, culture, science and trade. The point of departure for the renovation is the preservation and the restoration of of the original monument with its unique performance spaces. The renovation aims to make the building fit again for a modern operation.

Theateradvies consults the client about logistics of audience, catering and technical equipment and designs the stage equipment in the different spaces (Concert hall, Shaffyzaal, Zuilenzaal, Koepelzaal, Teekenzaal, Kremlin and Sterrenzaal).


  • Client Amerborgh Nederland B.V.
  • Architect MATH architecten
  • Project

    Renovation of Felix Meritis

  • Date of completion 2018

Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Logistics, public spaces, MEP.

Design and tender
Flying facilities, AV-equipment, stage lighting, control systems.

Supervision of the installation of stage equipment, planning and budget control.