Schouwburg Almere

Water, glass and light – an imaginative landmark in a new city

The internationally renowned Japanese architecture firm SANAA designed the Schouwburg Almere. Three blocks appear to float on water, each housing a theatre auditorium seating 1,050, 350 and 150 respectively.

The large auditorium has an adjustable stage front ranging from 12 to 18 metres in width, and its moveable ceiling allows the acoustic volume of the auditorium to be increased or decreased.

A "tension grid" was fitted into the small auditorium to make it as safe and flexible as possible. A tension grid is a walkable floor area made of steel cables fixed to the ceiling by suspended columns. Cross pipes are mounted between the suspended columns for fixing spotlights and loudspeakers.


  • Client Municipality of Almere
  • Architect SANAA Architects & ABT Bouwkunde
  • Project

    New-build theatre with 3 theatre auditoriums (seating 1,050, 350, and 150)

  • Awards

    “Best Auditorium Award” 2006 van Installation Europe

  • Date of completion 2005

Schouwburg Almere

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Logistics, auditorium design, theatre seating, audience facilities, M&E installations.

Stage and wings, stage rigging and lifting systems including grid deck and winch room, tension grid, stage lighting installation, stage furnishings and AV installation.

Detailed plans and European tendering for technical theatre rigging and lifting systems, AV installations, stage lighting installations and furnishing.

On-site supervision, planning and budget control.