Erasmus MC

AV-solutions for a lecture-hall

The educational centre of the new Erasmus Medical Centre is the heart of the medical faculty. This building comprises all educational functions and the medical library. The forty lecture-halls are situated around the education plaza. The three ‘old’ lecture halls have been completely renovated and updated to modern standards.

The three lecture-halls have been equipped with extensive and modern AV-installations. The halls have been linked together with glass fibre to connect sound, vision and control systems. This connection enables latecomers to attend classes without interrupting the teacher.

The main classroom has a large projection screen that shows the teacher’s presentation. The second hall has two screens to show both the presentation and the teacher. In the main classroom a second camera is directed to the whiteboard. It is possible to switch between teacher and whiteboard from the control room, so that notes on the whiteboard can be read in the second room.

The control room has been connected with the Thorax centre by glass fibre. This enables teachers to show live operations. In the future other departments in the hospital will be connected to this system as well.


  • Client Erasmus Medical Centre
  • Architect KAAN architecten
  • Project

    Educational institute with lecture-halls

  • Date of completion 2013

Erasmus University Medical Centers, Rotterdam

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Architectural lighting, MEP


Contract documents and tender of AV-equipment

Supervision of installation, planning and budget control