Schouwburg Tilburg

A renovated auditorium for the 50-year anniversary

Schouwburg Tilburg celebrated its 50-year anniversary in March of 2011. For Tilburg, the construction of the new theatre around 1960 was the beginning of the implementation of large-scale urban plans and the construction a new city centre. The architects Bijvoet en Holt wanted a modern and functional theatre that was open to the city and its inhabitants. They achieved this with large windows and an intimate auditorium with good sightlines. The original seating from 1961 has already been renovated twice, in 1993 and lastly under theateradvies’ lead. In this last renovation, the seats were refurbished with a new seat and back.


  • Client City of Tilburg
  • Project

    Seating renovation

  • Date of completion 2010

Schouwburg Tilburg

Scope of work Theateradvies®


Technical development of the seating. 

European tender for seating.

Management, planning and budget control.