MC theater

Young theatre-makers in a monument

A new home for the theatre group MC was made in the former ‘East Purification Hall’ on Westergasfabriek’s terrain in Amsterdam. This production house is for young theatre-makers, to make new developments in the studios and room to make audio and visual recordings, to rehearse, to assemble and present. The heart of the monument is the ‘black box’ auditorium. This space can be used in different ways with a flexible wall and flexible seating. A 125-year old crane, from this terrain was used for the structure. The auditorium and other spaces hang on this crane.


  • Client MC theatre
  • Architect Architectenbureau Koldeweij / Architectbureau Moko Omaha
  • Project

    New auditorium with 200 seats in a Monument

  • Date of completion 2010

MC theater, Amsterdam

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Logistics, auditorium form and flexible spaces. 

Flying system, telescopic seating system, AV equipment, stage lighting and drapery. 

Tender for flying system, telescopic seating, AV equipment, stage lighting and drapery. 

Management, planning and budget control.