Museum Het Valkhof

Telling stories with the collection

Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen is housed in a magnificent building designed by the architect Ben van Berkel. The building has seen the museum grow over the past 12 years to become an established name in the world of Roman archaeology, old masters and pop art. Drawing on the rich diversity of its collections, the museum tells the stories surrounding the history, art and culture of Nijmegen.

Telling stories represents a new way of familiarising the public with the museum’s collections. Until recently, Museum Het Valkhof served primarily as an exhibition space for objects. Telling stories entails much more than simply putting objects on display, not least the new demands it places on the building and its technical systems.

The museum has therefore decided to renovate the building, and has asked Theateradvies to prepare a design brief for the renovation. The motivations for choosing Theateradvies are our experience with public buildings and our unique approach, focusing emphatically on the content of the stories that the museum wishes to tell.


  • Client Museum Het Valkhof
  • Project

    Functional, spatial and technical design brief for museum renovation

  • Client 2011

Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Functional, spatial and technical design brief for museum renovation.