Theatre and film in old auction building

Floralis is the new cultural meeting place in Lisse, including an auditorium for film and theatre, a rehearsal room, a café and a restaurant. The centre was built inside the old auction building of CNP (Cooperative Dutch Flower Centre) dating from 1920. Mecanoo Architects designed the renovation, observing the original style of architect Paardekooper. In the auditorium the statue of Flora, goddess of flowers and spring has be maintained in honour of the former auction building.

The old auction hall was changed into a theatre/ film theatre. New tiers were built above the original seats to get better sightlines. Because film is the main function of this auditorium the seats have plenty of legroom. The auditorium has 251 seats and offers good accessibility for wheelchairs. The acoustics of the auditorium are variable by means of curtains that can cover the walls to increase absorption. To make sure the projection is kept clear of hsaows, the stage lighting can be lifted with chain hoists. The back wall of the stage has been equipped with loudspeakers, a permanent film-screen and an automatic frame.


  • Client City of Lisse
  • Architect Mecanoo Architecten
  • Project

    New theatre and cinema (251 seats)

  • Date of completion 2015

Floralis, Lisse

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Logistics, auditorium design, loading area, audience facilities, M&E installations. 

Design and tender
Flying system, telescopic seating system, AV equipment, stage lighting and drapery. 

Management, planning and budget control.