From circus to theatre with lifts with adjustable slopes

All the public facilities were greatly improved in the renovation of the Royal Theatre Carré. At the same time, a new fly system was installed and lifts were placed under the auditorium floor, making it flexible. The transformation of the space from theatre to circus is no longer a question of weeks, but of hours. The entire parterre is divided into lifts, allowing different auditorium forms to be made. The floor does not only move up and down, but can be sloped for better sightlines. The largest Spiralifts were in the Netherlands were used for this lift system. The early version of an electric fly system was replaced with a fully automated one and above the parterre is a complete grid that provides a safe work floor.


  • Client Royal Theatre Carré
  • Architect Greiner van Goor Architecten
  • Project

    Renovation stage machinery

  • Date of completion 2005

Koninklijk Theater Carré, Amsterdam

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Sightlines, seating plan. 

Flexible seating using lifts, flying system and orchestra lifts.

Fly system and lifts. 

Management, planning and budget control.