Casino Kursaal

A concert with view on the North Sea beach

The renovation of Casino-Kursaal was finished in 2005. The Kursaal dates from the fifties and had been poorly maintained. The very profound renovation was also needed to restore the building to its original quality. The goal of the renovation was to create an auditorium with good sightlines that also could be used as a concert hall with excellent acoustics. At the same time, the renovation restored the view of the North Se. This was realized by lowering the auditorium and the stage, a brilliant discovery made by the architect, Jozef van Ranst. The old manual fly system was replaced with a fully automated system and new catwalks and new fly system above the parterre. The new catwalks were worked into the monumental ceiling. With a new layout, the stage area could be used much more effectively.


  • Client City of Oostende
  • Architect Architectenbureau Storme & Van Ranst
  • Project

    Renovation theatre- concert hall (2000 seats)

  • Date of completion 2005

Casino Kursaal Oostende, Belgium

Scope of work Theateradvies®


Operating budget, layout fly tower, auditorium design, sight lines, seating plan, logistics and electrical and mechanical installation


Fly system, catwalks, stage lighting and AV equipment


Fly system, catwalks, stage lighting and AV equipment


Management, planning and budget control