Conferences and events in a multifunctional space

Following a large-scale renovation and refurbishment, the Regardz Nieuwe Buitensociëteit multifunctional theatre auditorium in Zwolle is back in use. The theatre auditorium seats an audience of 800 for films, theatre, business meetings and conferences.

When used for events, the space can be used for up to around 1,250 people. The lighting plan drew on an impressive array of LED lighting, which allows the auditorium to be bathed in any colour. The use of rollers and moveable seating structures makes the seating arrangement very flexible and easy to remove.


  • Client Regardz Nieuwe Buitensociëteit
  • Architect Estida
  • Project

    Renovation of multifunctional 800-seat theatre auditorium (1,250 seats for events)

  • Date of completion 2006

Regardz Nieuwe Buitensociëteit, Zwolle

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Seating plan. 

Bleacher seating and moveable seats, AV installation.