From a classic proscenium stage to a level-floor auditorium

A new venue has been built between the historic Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam and the Melkweg, to be used by the Stadsschouwburg, the Melkweg, and Toneelgroep Amsterdam. What is unusual about this auditorium is that the stage has been built 14 metres above street level, partly above the Melkweg concert auditorium.
The auditorium has 600 seats and 900 standing spaces and can be used as a classic proscenium theatre as well as a concert hall or flat-floored space. The stage can be used as a space in its own right and is equal to the largest flat-floor space in the Netherlands. Stage-set trucks are lifted up to the Rabozaal auditorium using a double deck truck elevator. The back wall of the stage is made entirely of glass. The glass wall, measuring 25 by 30 metres, can be closed off with electronically operated panels.


  • Client Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
  • Architect Jonkman Klinkhamer architects
  • Project

    New-build theatre auditorium seating 600, renovation of pop music auditorium

  • Date of completion 2009

Rabozaal Stadschouwburg, Amsterdam

Scope of work Theateradvies®

Auditorium design, operations, logistics, truck elevator, sightlines, daylight.

Theatre building, double deck truck elevator, stage rigging systems, lighting positions, proscenium elevators, stage lighting, AV installations and furnishings.

Detailed plans and tenders for stage rigging systems, proscenium elevators, stage lighting, AV installations and furnishing.